Welcome to Bet Education. My name is "The Death Rattler" a name bookmakers have given me for 13 years, been a pro for 16 years , i grew up betting at the track from 6 years old (now 35), i have been banned / Restricted at around a number which would be close to 1000 times via different companies. I have no friends account's left. Betfair charge me 40% weekly premium. Gambling(99.9% losers call it this) or investing (the .1% that turn long term profits) has made me a substantial amount of income and i would like to pass on all my tricks for anyone to do as for me with restrictions, hassle of getting bet's on, time management wise this is now a better way for me to continue making year on year profits at the same time skimming betting markets and helping you create full time income, win-win! Gambling market's are not spoken about in school's. Why is this? It is trading 24/7 worldwide. Gambling market's & high leverage in & out Forex/Crypto/Stocks are the biggest trading opportunity in the world for the little guy at home. Unfortunately there has been a lot of scamming and bad advice from people who have not actually had a track record of making money with the same strategies floating around often linked to a bookmakers site, ridiculous things like bankroll-unit betting etc If you zoom out the online trading space is still very new. I have only encountered 2 long term betting pro's amongst my time. Professional gambling investors like myself are not giving tips or have a salary to promote a certain betting market etc I have seen well into the double figures come and go, they cannot sustain it long term. Mentally they never had the long term probability mindset & they fade away. I have winning strategies for Soccer/Tennis/Basketball/Baseball/Football/Crypto/Forex/Stocks etc, I can win on ANY market in the world the only thing that limits me is my time. 10 -12 working hours per day means i need to choose which markets to m are most productive/ i enjoy more to make my niche and turn over as much money as possible on it, it is not humanly possible to do all at the same time which is why its the right time for me to give it to you as this is how i scale it. I will teach you about Odds > Bet management. I am a numbers probability master & my strategies you will not find anywhere on the internet. I can help you get richer all you need to do is dedicate some of your time and take on board my investme principles. Think about the time you chew up watching a stupid youtube video with ads on or scrolling facebook/instagram looking at pointless edited photos of people ego tripping or having a whinge about there life whilst your not making your own life better. The world is changing, you do not want to be stuck working for someone in a debt society nor do you want to be a "watcher" a person prayed on by social media/governments/ news outlets keeping you stupid, broke with time wasting narratives. I pay everything in cash, No credit cards, debts ever. Travel & work around the world bossing a large life, sending kids to a top school. Before putting your capital into manipulated taxed systemised stocks please consider my options & then with the profits you can sink into slow burning manipulated stock markets or speculating ponzi's(crypto ) for your retirement so your purchasing power is not deflating on your spare dollars. Gambling revenue is tax free in most countries. I have not paid direct tax in 14 years. All of my bet's have a turnover tax so i have made governments alot of cash & i have never had an issue on the tax side, they leave me alone. I am giving you a chance to get out yourself out of the system. Live a free life, with minimum 6% gains on your turnover compounded with a skill nobody can take from you! I will even give you 40% monthly rebates on your turnover if sign up via my links which will essentially pay for the plans itself. I consider rebates as yearly bonuses as i have taken advantage of this as well over the years. The people in my community will not be selling you crypto BS so there will be a fee to get access to our community & my personal help. Any paid strategy will give you exclusive membership into Rattlers discord community. We will have some meetups in Bangkok, Thailand at a club i own. You will create your own asset class out of what i have to offer then anything you can find on the internet involving part time passive or full time online income with this skill & mindset until you have had enough of it. You can also mould your children so there not caught up giving away there money to the gambling world. Membership will be capped at 5000 active people. Start profiting with the guidance of my betting strategies now here