Gambling markets are a part of life. Education = Long term profits.

Government's & gambling companies scan the world for losers all in the name of profit keeping you stupid and losing.


5/17/2022 0 min read

Life in general is full of probability situations and "if". If i left 1 minute earlier i would not of had that car accident, if i purchased bitcoin in 2015 i would be filthy rich if i sold them when it went parabolic etc you get the point, life is a massive gamble. We are surrounded by Sports Betting, Horse racing , greyhounds, trading leverage on Stocks, Forex & crypto market's trading pretty much 24/7 if combine them together, look at it solely from a trading point of view & it is the biggest industry & also opportunity in the world. It is not a part of school programs growing up however we are surrounded by it when we hit a legal age more then likely consuming your money , creating an addiction & engraving itself into the part of the human brain that needs entertaining & the thrill of being a in win/lose situation. If you go to work part of this is pumped back into the stock market creating more tax for the gov whilst the continue inflating the economy & weakening your purchasing power of that dollar. Gambling is in Clubs, Pubs, social gatherings or just online in your home it is everywhere. I would like to introduce myself - i am in my mid 30's & from a poor working class family that went to a public school & left at 16 to go overseas for sport. Probability , street sense, gambling, economics has been apart of my life since i was 5 or 6 years old growing up going to race meetings and betting illegally. I am an Odds/ probability / Risk-reward expert. I have lived it, professionally gambling around the world since 19. There is another side to gambling, trading etc it involves a beautiful romance between governments and betting companies who will restrict, ban , tax winners whilst scanning the world for losers, mentally incapable individual who are no hope winning long term which is 99.9% of humans. I believe i can help this number by anyone who is willing to learn. In todays environment picking winners is one thing. Getting the bet on for maximum profits is a completely different story with the algorithms , digital cashless processes doing everything to identify and restrict anyone who look remotely like winning. I have always stayed ahead of the bots by being fast, unique, using other peoples names, confusing stakes etc for me i am at the end of the road in regards to what i can win year on year, growth for me will be stagnant as systems get even smarter, governments secretly also want losers so they do nothing about Betfair charging 40% premiums, Bet365 restricting to 1 pound bets , Tax clampdowns on leverage trading platforms etc I am willing to trade my skill as for me scaling profits year on year this will be the best way to do so charging a small fee for in exchange for a skillset that you can use during your entire life for passive, social income & even pass down to your children. If your still with me for a decent period of time, you will understand what an asset my content will become as i all these markets can be profitable , it just takes time. I could do forex but i do not want to spend 60 hour weeks doing forex, maybe you do. I leverage stocks and crypto in staged managed orders so i do not have to sit there smashing refresh buttons. I continue to do my Harness racing & Soccer strategies. I can give you the tools to win on ANY market in the world. What you win or what direction you take it to, that is up to you. I would advise you to pick a niche that is more enjoyable to you, fits with your awake hours time frame. I am not here to give you individual race tips or picking a team head to head. I could not care less , everything i do is for the long term approach. Bookmakers created a nickname for me called " The Death Rattler" maybe one day you will be recognised in such a way in your own niche. I am unsure what way i will take this in regards to a membership fee as i do not want 1000 Mumbai punters in my community promoting crypto trading in my chats. We will see as i want to build a community of Rattlers of good character to even up the balance of all these companies scamming innocent punters with there poor business ethics so my core priority is to educate Proability, odds & winning long term engravings into the numbers side of your soul. When i say long term this does not mean it's going to be a slow road to profits, it is how i look at every individual bet i place and how i never take "unders". I will not spend all day on blogs so if it does not make sense/edited properly don't be a jerk about it.