Guys> I am not a blogging / editing / content creating, website coding expert. I am a gambling, investing, trading, future looking risk-reward probability machine.

If you need to be stimulated with constant online content this is not the environment for you, I will be active in Discord along with members & from time to time i will do a video on Youtube or a meetup in either Thailand , Australia or New Zealand.

I am here to educate people via my self made strategies who are looking to improve there situation in the markets i know best which will have a generational roll on affect on wealth & life in general.

I am essentially letting you inside my head on what are the best strategies ever designed, i have fool proofed them in a way that only needs someone to spend there time executing simple plans. I have had an absolute gut full of gambling companies, governments , scamming humans, news channels , untalented middleman such as consultants & financial brokers skimming everyone with there brainwashing nonsense. Nothing would please me more then a 5000 strong death rattler community slithering throughout the world's markets.