Gambling markets are the most profitable

Don't be brainwashed with property, stocks & taxes with inflation. Gambleinvesting is better


5/17/2022 2 min read

Why gambling markets are better then any other financial market in the world ? "Taxes" think about how the system is designed... If you win aka make money on stocks or property investments this is taxed on average at around 40% capital gains. Dividends are taxed pending your personal income rate. Shares in profit can essentially lose money let me tell you how... You hold shares for 10 years. It makes 80% gains wow great ;) not really purchasing power has been losing around 5% per year compounded via inflation & weakness of the money design! Lets say you need to pay 30% capital gains. You have just lost dollar power on your money. Its the perfect illusion governments thrive on. Your money from working goes into the bank... They loan it out or invest it themselves into stocks, you get next to nothing in interest which will need to be declared. Then there is the real estate market design which is a joke, Ok for 1 property you live in and can avoid taxes as you need to live somewhere but start thinking investments and they will make more cash then you will at no risk to them whilst inflating prices thanks to everyone "investing" in property as it is safe whilst at the same time killing the next generation chances of owning there 1 property, they need inflating prices as it keeps these clowns in there made up unproductive jobs. Your just a piece of code in the system design as taxes on both ends apply to investments & are a really poor investment and no good for society & the next generation. At least with sports markets these days it really can be hidden via crypto channels, in store/casino betting in cash. There is enough avenues to avoid any tax if if your in a country that is meant to pay tax on winnings. Example in New Zealand & Australia there are no taxes on gambling winnings. This is why gambling markets are the best trading markets in the world. You can keep 100% of your gains & no one can take it from you legally. You just need the right betting education to do this. Its a process just like anything else in life. "Gambling is for mugs " " impossible to win long term" is a myth made up from 99.9% losing gamblers to from there own experiences. The couple of full time gamblers i know along with myself have a great lifestyle more so then people reliant on a failing old system. Make a move now, change the direction & the way you think about your financial life. The APY's my strategy make depends time invested not what team wins or loses, this is not relevant & can flow into APY's of 1000's% yes per year even it is just 3-8% on turnover from a low starting balance. Power of compounding!