Soccer $295
Basketball/ NBA $295
Tennis $295
Baseball/ MLB $295
Rugby/ Rugby League $295
Forex Leveraging 100x-200x $295
Crypto Leveraging 100x $295
All of the above $1395

Horse racing is far more complex,moving part's that require more manual work & keyboard time , less volume & difficult to sustain long term therefore at this stage i am not offering this. The strategy's i am offering you will be able to sustain for your entire life around the clock. These plans are my life work with probability, stake management & even factors in a way to avoid mass bookie betting restrictions.

> All payments are one off, i will never ask you for any other money. You may want to gift me some as thanks once you have made your first Million :p

>All come with there own Discord/ Email support which gives you access to me & other members.

>All will come with a couple of links where i give you option to use that provide revenue share from betting turnover. From these links i will return a rebate of 40% back to you via bank transfer or USDC crypto. You would need to supply your payment details later via email. I would pay this every 3 months. Your welcome!!

>I will do meetups with a free open bar , pending numbers as i will pool together a bunch of money raised through affiliate revenue share if you bet with certain platforms i link to you, i could also include free accommodation in Bangkok, Thailand pending on how things are going.

>I would expect you to keep this as quiet as possible, no spamming discord, no on-selling to friends or posting anywhere else online. If millions of people start doing the same thing this will effect odds, begin fighting for the same volume & essentially less profits for you down the track. I will put a cap limit on of 5000 people.

Card payments by Stripe however I will also accept crypto payment with USDC or for PayPal please contact me :